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OooooWheeee! Talk about being on a mission, host Lex of the Real Double Dose and I engage in a kindred conversation about the importance of crafting your personal mission statement to help you forge ahead with your dream business idea. We keep it real and we keep it simple. And Tony of the RDDC Team tries to keep us focused so we can take questions from the live listening audience -LOL!

Chatting with Tisha was a real joy – I share with the πŸŽ™ “Shining Self” listening audience my story of finding my passion and purpose through public and self-shame. My story is centered around having climbed the corporate/professional ladder, slipping, and fall unexpectedly while going through the loss of one parent and taking on the role of caretaker of the other. All while shifting gears pursuing my new biz and developing my 3R process.

Had a super fun time with @lorraineball of @roundpeg as a guest on πŸŽ™More Than A Few Word. We take an “elevator ride” with πŸ˜€ and see how personalities can max your communication effectiveness.
I really appreciate the format Lorraine has designed. It is packed with juicy knowledge nuggets from experts of different industries. There is something there for all types of freelancers and entrepreneurs striving to do what is best for their business. I look forward to more.

I had the distinct pleasure to converse with podcast host Kimberley Wiggins of πŸŽ™ “Inspired Women, Amazing Lives” a platform that highlights business empowerment and self-development. We are sister biz coaches and have a true meeting of the “mindset”. And she puts my coaching to the test with a coaching simulation!!

Together we also touch on the small biz foundations on how to launch and grow without the complexities. Moreover, I share the 3 Rs that helped me and now others make the shift from employee to entrepreneur.

Hey don’t forget your swag bag of freebies and trials.


As a health coach starting out, we can easily become overwhelmed with the number of things that need to be done. It is easy to get paralyzed and not know where to start. The easiest way to resolve this is to simply, keep it simple! 

I join gracious fellow coaching professional and podcast host of πŸŽ™ “The Health Coach Academy“, Omar Cumberbatch where I share my strategies to start your dream health coaching practice. I also share my “Goodie Page” with the listening audience that is full of freebies that can help new coaches hone in on their best next steps!

It was a lot of fun and I wish healthy success to all:)

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