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You've heard the hype! It's time to learn more about the business model that everyone's discovering!!

Content Is King


Hey There!

My name is Yamilette Williams, aka Dr. Yam!

Standing by and being passive, wasn't in my business DNA. And if you are like me, you don't like wasting time or feeling ill equipped.

Back in early 2018 I caught myself in a bit of a daze trying to figure out what to do first so I could make meaningful connections with my potential clients, generate leads and starting seeing sales that can help pay the bills. Sound familiar?

Knowing traditional marketing for local business wasn't going to cut it; not to mention it was going to cut a huge hole in my wallet, a change in mindset was necessary.

I knew a variety of methods where out there. And I'll admit, I did a lot of lurking of the big influencers as well as the tiny in the industry. This became the catalyst that sparked my desire to create a framework.

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  • Dr. Yam is a knowledgeable mentor whom I’ve learned many things from. I solicited her help when I was ready to advance my career in education. Her guidance and expertise allowed me to focus on not only my career but myself as well. She is motivational and inspiring as well as firm. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to grow in their career.

    K. Berry, Orlando FL
  • I appreciate the personalized focus that is given by the company to the goals and objectives that were established. The outcomes were excellent. The participants were more than satisfied and continue to utilize the materials from the workshop.

    Mary Guinn, District Consultant
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Yam services because she was always responsive to my messages. She gave me critical feedback and made me understand to know your worth and make sure to account for all your work even the smallest task counts as well.

    Katia Dean, CEO at Katia's Cylife
  • I have always had some form of side hustle, but after Dr. Yam’s bootcamp, I am convinced that my side hustle can become my main hustle, working for myself.

    Cecila H., Web Developer Transitioning Careers
  • Dr. Yam helped me formalize my business systems so that I can work smarter and not harder. And now I have a web presence that attracts customers and showcases my work!

    Bryant W., Wardlaw Services
  • "I enrolled in this Jump Start MasterClass because while I had started my side gig, I needed to identify my ideal customer and target market so that I could grow. The sessions were great. If you are trying to start a business from scratch, this class definitely helps. Whether its finding a niche that works for you, finding your ideal customer, or creating a brand and all of the details that go with that, this class is definitely a very good course for that journey. My business growth is heading in the right direction as a result.

    J. Berry Online Apparel Owner
  • "My primary goal for taking this course was to find out how to set up a business from scratch. I wanted to learn how to jump start my business and left knowing how to. I liked the fact that Dr. Yam gave us an opportunity to speak and give positive feedback. "

    LaTerra Future Personal Spa Owner