Read on if you have a message you really care about, a story you want to tell, or information that only you know that other people need to know.  It’s time to conquer…
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Podcast Guest Getting

 The Simple System to Grow Your Influence   
Using strategies and tools

It’s Time to Get Your Voice & Message Out There–And Grow Your Business, Too!

Want to learn how to be a great podcast guest so that you can reach more people and turn loyal fans into customers? This is for you…

You are equipped with all the skills you need to be a very great coach, consultant, or other business owner.

You’re quickly becoming a (almost) leader in your field, and you know that you have a unique story and a lot of very useful information to share.




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You know you want to reach more people faster, though, and you’d rather not spend all day on Instagram, Facebook, or TiKToK.

Whether you want to increase your audience because it’s not as big as you’d like it to be or because it’s not converting into sales

…or because you’re putting out a brand-new course, program, or training and want to make sure that everyone who could benefit from it knows about it.

…or even just want to boost your reputation in your field, tell your story to new people (and help more people!) …or maybe even look into a whole new niche. Good news: there IS a way to quickly boost your credibility and exposure.

Podcasting guesting is an amazing way to share your story, build a community, and have a positive impact on the world.
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Amy Porterfield

Say hello to the show!

Everybody can find a show that interests them, whether it’s about the law, relationships, or writing copy. Podcasts are like the holy grail for businesses.

They’re a great, free way to build your brand and reach more people than you ever could on your own, even if you have a great Instagram feed or a lot of friends on TiKToK.

Edison Research says that the number of people who listen to podcasts has grown every year from 21% to 24%. And with the way things are now, that number is only going to keep going up.

Also, research shows that the average podcast listener is wealthy and smart, which is exactly the kind of person you want as a customer or client.

Plus, podcasts can be taken with you. You can eat them almost right away, from anywhere. You can have people listen to your story and message from their kitchen or in their car!

Even though writing is powerful, hearing your voice is 10 times more powerful.

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People can connect with the real you much more quickly when they can hear the passion and inflection in your voice as you tell your story and drop your information bombs.

Here’s the thing, though: you don’t have to make your own podcast or spend years pitching podcast hosts that don’t react (or turn you down!) to get this kind of reach and connection!

Once you know how, it’s not hard to get on the best podcasts in the world!

The truth is that there are already thousands of podcasts out there, and millions of people listen to them. Many of them are interested in what you do.
Imagine if you put all the effort you put into Instagram (or your favorite marketing channel) into learning how to get on popular podcasts instead?

That way, you could reach a huge pool of potential ideal clients.

…without buying and maintaining your own expensive podcast gear (looking at you, Blue Snowball mic!) or spending months making shows and building your own audience. Who has time for that, really?

If you know how to pick and pitch the right podcasts and act during the interview, you can get an OMG YES from even the most famous ones.

This will give you access to thousands of loyal fans who already know, like, and trust your host and, by extension, you.

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Photo by George Milton:: Pexel

There has never been an easier way to get in touch with what seems like an endless stream of possible clients!

What should you do, though, if you can’t get in touch with the people who make these podcasts? How in the world do you get their attention and get them interested in your story?

That’s where I come in.

This is for you if you want to start writing great podcast pitches, feel better about your speaking and how you explain your knowledge, and become such a fascinating podcast guest that people will search the web for more information about you and your services.

Here we go…

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The goal of this coaching series is to make you the most sought-after podcast guest in your field, improve your podcast pitches, and feel more comfortable sharing your story, message, and knowledge with others.

You will learn:

  • How to frame your unique story in a compelling & relatable way that’ll instantly get listeners thinking of as “person of interest” that you are
  • How to get on the inside–aka interviewed!–on your favorite podcasts (even if that sounds like a pipe dream right now!)
  • Exactly what to do before and during every single interview to become the most interesting, influential, irresistible guest you can be
  • How to build your brand, boost your visibility and create instant trust with your host’s audience–and how to make the host look fabulous (and trustworthy) in the process
  • How to create a crisp, clean soundbite with inexpensive audio equipment in a DIY home studio (soundbites are crucial–and I’m giving you the insider secrets!)
  • How to craft an impeccable podcast pitch –PLUS a BONUS template that’ll help you clearly articulate exactly why you’re the perfect guest!
  • And so much more!
podcast guesting
Photo by George Milton from Pexels:

Does that sound good?

Podcasts are here to stay, and it’s a skill that will never go out of style. Learn how to get yourself on the most popular podcasts in your area.

After reading this training and putting what you’ve learned into practice, you’ll have all the skills you need to pitch and get a spot on almost any show you want. Plus, these skills are easy to use in other parts of your business, even TiKToK!
Also, let’s be honest: podcast hosts NEED good guests. People just like you who can speak clearly and with confidence about their subject and/or tell an interesting and engaging story are what they’re looking for.

Both of you will benefit from learning how to be that irresistible radio guest and letting the host know about it.
A lot of time, work, and money has been put into building the platforms that professional podcasters use. These platforms are geared toward the people you need to reach to get more customers.
What are you still waiting for?

Now is the time to start getting booked on podcasts and becoming a guest expert that people will want to discuss!

Click here to sign up.

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I’m an avid learner who is enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge with others, bringing the best out of others, and loves a good cup of java (creamy and sweet of course). I’ve also spent over 20 years teaching, training, and coaching educators, executives, and small business owners that seek growth.

Wearing all those hats in your business while putting your heart and soul into making it work, you want to make it count, right?

Getting to be a guest on a podcast can be the first step. It’s an simple yet effective way to grow your email list, AND see a healthy ROI on low cost marketing strategy.

I promise that when you put the steps this bundle of resources had to offer into practice you’ll love how confident you’ll feel finally getting your offer in front of other peoples audiences. And have some fun while doing it.

Can’t wait to meet you!

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