A Clear Sign You Don’t Belong in the Kitchen

Pop quiz!

When you want to cook something you’ve never made before, do you:

A.) Pick up 5 or 6 ingredients that miiiiiight be in it, toss ‘em all together in a pan all willy nilly, and hope for the best (like a crazy person)?


B.) Find a recipe online and follow that?

For most people, B is the obvious choice.

Side note: Please let me know if you picked A, because then I can make sure I never come over to your house for dinner.

Growing an engaged and profitable Facebook group is the same idea.

Why would you try to guess at it when there are literally free resources available online that actually show you step-by-step how to do it?

And what if I dropped the link to a really great one right now, so you didn’t have to Google?

Like, for example, this resource from my mentor/friend/colleague Christina Jandali.

Inside this free checklist bundle, you’ll get everything you need to start filling your free Facebook group AND your paid programs.

Even better?

This 2-part bundle meets you exactly where you are in business right now.

Deliver Your Genius 5 Day ChallengeWhether the only members of your group are you, your best friend, and your very supportive Grandma, or you’ve already reached the 1,000+ person mark and you’re now ready to scale, these step-by-step checklists will help set the stage for exactly what you want: an epic community filled with thousands of ideal clients who can’t wait to join your next program.

Give yourself a break from the guessing and follow the recipe.

Let me know how it works out for you!

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