Systems That Talk to Each Other – Streamlining Your Business

There is no doubt that having systems in place makes your business run smoothly and efficiently. When your systems integrate with one another, things become optimal. Having a business where the systems talk to one another is firing on all cylinders.

Many of today’s apps and supports for business management are designed to integrate with larger platforms, further enhancing their usefulness. Email programs that interface with sales and lead generating platforms make it easy to capture contacts and sell directly to targeted customers. Memberships sites that can be managed remotely or in conjunction with other platforms makes delivering content to many people at once effortless.

There are many apps and platforms out there that integrate with each other and streamline your business. Let’s look at a few:

  1. LeadPages: This is a platform that can do many things to help you grow your business and share great content. From creating sales pages to hosting webinars, Leadpages comes with a ton of features perfect for capturing interest and growing your list. Leadpages talks with your email marketing software, which makes it easier to contact your customers and your leads directly. The integration of these two systems streamlines the sale process.
  2. Canva and PicMonkey: These online tools are great for creating images for blogs, social media, and other marketing material for your business. They have templates and examples perfect to help you create just what you need. Canva and Picmonkey both talk with your social media platforms. After completing your materials, you can easily upload them to social media with one click online. You can also save the work to your computer for continuous use or archive for a later date.
  3. AWeber: AWeber is one of many email marketing platforms available to connect with and consistently communicate with your tribe. This tool, and others like it, make it possible to send targeted emails to individuals and groups with specific messages that result in sales. AWeber talks to Amember, which is a membership management tool. Membership sites are perfect for recurring income and sharing content. Aweber captures the contact information from your customer and funnels them into AMember when they sign up for membership.

Finding systems that talk to one another is an excellent way to streamline your business and offer solid information and a great experience to your customers. When you are starting your business, do your best to find systems that integrate well with one another. If you are using the services of a VA, they can give you their suggestions about what options they prefer and have had great results with.

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