4 Ways To Get Excited About Change

4 Ways to Get Excited About Change

We’ve already established what you’ve probably known your whole life. It’s true that change is a fact of life. We can’t escape it. Sometimes we’re given a choice in whether to make a shift in our lives. Sometimes we’re blindsided and forced to do things differently. Either way, the change usually comes with some pretty intense emotions. Unfortunately, these feelings are frequently negative ones. Fear, anxiety, anger, resentment and loss are commonly associated with life transitions. I’ve identified 4 ways to take those gloomy emotions and channel them into excitement instead. Read on for some concrete ways you can channel your fear of change.

Reframe It

One of the best ways to go from bad feelings to more useful ones is to reframe your thoughts surrounding the emotions. The way you think has a heavy influence on the way you feel. Therefore, if you take some time to find a way to put a more positive spin on a situation, you will likely start to feel better about it. For instance, if you’re nervous about going to a job interview, try thinking about the great things that could come from a new position, rather than what could go wrong. This strategy is so simple that it may even seem silly or not worth trying. However, it’s incredibly effective.

Visualize Success

Visualization is another proven strategy for calming nerves and bringing peace to your thoughts. Take some quiet time to sit with your eyes closed. Then imagine the desired outcome of your current dilemma. Picture the activities you will be doing, the sights and smells around you and the people involved. The more detailed, the more effective your visualization session will be. In addition, this practice is one that should be done regularly for the most impact. Seeing what you want is an effective way to trick your brain into believing it’s already occurred.

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Meditate or Breathe

If you need a quick tranquil effect in times of high anxiety, meditation or focused breathing can help. You don’t have to be an expert on meditating for it to be effective; however, you might want to do a little research if this method appeals to you. The simple act of sitting in silence and focusing on your breath is enough to calm emotions that are running high. A cumulative effect occurs when you make meditation a part of your daily routine.

Consider the Alternative

Finally, consider what will happen if you don’t change. Life is boring and stagnant when we avoid growth. Sure, transitions can be scary. Take a look back at the times you’ve switched things up in your life for the better, and you’ll realize that change can also bring a great many wonderful things. If you don’t move forward, take risks or overcome obstacles, you’ll never know your true potential or reach your fondest dreams.

Essentially, fear and excitement are very closely related emotions. A few tweaks can take you from the negative to a more positive rather quickly. It’s really all about your attitude and mindset. I invite you to give these strategies a try to see which ones work best for you.

4 Ways to Get Excited About Change
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