A good coach will open doors

Doors Open When You Have A Good Coach

We’ve been talking quite a bit about the benefits of hiring a business coach here on the blog lately. Today I want to focus on yet another one and that’s the fact that a good business coach can open doors for you, in a few different ways. 

Let’s take a look at how that may work. 

Keep this in mind when you’re trying to decide if you should hire a coach but also who you end up hiring. Who they know and are connected with, could make a big difference for you and your future business success. 

A Good Coach Can Introduce You To New Tools And Systems

One of the big advantages of working with someone who has more experience is that they can introduce to tools and systems, which can make your life easier and help you grow. It could be about the latest email automation, or a more efficient way of tracking what part of your funnels is working. It doesn’t even have to be a tool or software. A simple idea for setting up a more streamlined system can make your life easier and help you focus on important money-making tasks.


A Good Coach Can Introduce You To Fresh Ideas And Coming Trends

My favorite type of coach is someone who is actively working in the business and keeping up with the latest trends and news. This type of coach can help you come up with fresh ideas and point you to trends worth exploring for your niche. Maybe Pinterest is just starting to explode for your audience. Maybe there’s a new tweak on Facebook ads that’s working well for your business model. Having that type of insider information can help propel you forward quickly. 

A Good Coach Can Introduce You To The Right People And Businesses

Last but not least, let’s talk about the people a good business coach can introduce you to. If you can find someone who has the right connections, they can quickly act instrumental in expanding your reach, your list, and your traffic potential. They can introduce you to potential partners that you can collaborate with. One of quickest ways to grow is to get in front of influencers for your target market. Your coach could be the person to make that introduction or at the very least, get you on the radar of the right people.

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  1. Connie

    Having a coach can make things so clear. A good coach will soon spot your strong points and your weaknesses and help you use both to your advantage. A good coach can save you months or even years of wasted time and effort because they know where to go for the answers. If I had a coach from day 1 when I started my business I would probably be 5 years ahead now.

    1. Hey Connie –
      I’m glad you see the value of having a coach. And its why I love helping others. Why not take advantage of group coaching on my exclusive community The Small Biz Society where you can learn lead and grow!
      I wish you continued success!

      Simply yours,
      Dr. Yam

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