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Starting A Business While Working Full Time Is In The Bag

You know a 9-5 is no longer for you, but starting a business feels a little bit s-c-a-r-y doesn’t it?

Stepping away from a 9-5 into my own gig meant I needed to come up with a plan, and quickly.

Entrepreneurship was in my blood and I was successful in my career, but I was worried:

  • that I had disappointed those that were reliant on me to bring home the bacon
  • about what others would think of me (like I wasn’t smart enough to do something on my own)
  • that my desired future was maybe not within my reach

I felt that worry!

  • stomach aches
  • headaches
  • backaches

And I was procrastinating about starting a business (very unlike me) even though I knew deep down that doing a 9-5 again was not in my future.

Any of this starting to sound familiar as you think about starting a new business idea?

Yah – I thought so.

So I had to get my head in the game.

That meant I needed help.

Even though I had the skills and education, fear cast a shadow and kept me stuck.

Starting a Business (How I Did It)

So a good friend of mine stepped up and served as my thought partner. And during that first part of my journey to starting a business, I dealt with getting my game head on straight – my mindset. Once I released the doubt, the pain, the worry, the guilt, my mind was now focused on making the shift and getting into action.

I took the things I learned or wished I had learned from my Dad running his store as an entrepreneur, along with practical principles, and over time my actions allowed me to design a simple framework of building blocks that helped me to launch and grow my consulting business.

The first block I Image 5 Building Block Checklistcall my 5 Simple Building Blocks Checklist.

And with it, aspiring entrepreneurs can begin to get their head in the game of small business ownership.

Having a checklist all to myself isn’t helping anyone. So I am ready to share it for FREE!

The 5 Simple Building Blocks Checklist and Report is just a start to my full step by step process to get you to your biz launch day. Remember I could not do this shift by myself; I needed a thought partner.

Join the Small Biz SocietySo today the exclusive and new  The Small Biz Society Facebook group is where I help ambitious go-getters to become profitable and successful entrepreneurs so that they can launch the small business they always dreamed of.

It is your safe place:

  • to ask me questions
  • discuss your thoughts or issues
  • uncover the unknown, overcome the overwhelming
  • take on the fears
  • strengthen your self-worth
  • and prepare to be financially able to launch your new business

Together, I help you discover who you are, try new things, get useful resources and tips, taking you from mindset to money making.

Join me and others like The 5 Simple Blocks For Starting A New Businessyourself in The Small Biz Society and grab your FREE “5 Building Blocks to Start Your New Biz” eBook to get your head in the game of entrepreneurship.

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