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How To Use 3 Easy Tips to Find The Right Coach for Your Business

The right coach can help you explode your business growth and make the process of getting there fun and exciting. The big problem is that you have to find the right coach for you and your business. You want someone who can help you reach your goals and go beyond what you initially thought possible. You want someone who motivates and pushes you out of your comfort zone. At the same time, you want to do all this with integrity and in alignment with your core values and moral beliefs. Finding a coach to help you do just that can be a little tricky.

Implement the tips below to help you find the person that’s just right for you.

Ask for Recommendations From Fellow Business Owners

Start by asking your friends and online connections for recommendations. Fellow business owners who are trying to do something similar to what you’re doing are your biggest resource. Who are they coaching with? Who have they heard good things about? Get the word out that you’re in the market for a new coach and you’ll get some recommendations. Ideally, you want suggestions from people who’ve coached with this person and can give you some good feedback on how this person was to work with and what kind of results they’ve helped your friend achieve.

How To Use 3 Easy Tips to Find The Right Coach for Your Business

Look for the Right Coach Who’s Done What You’re Trying To Do

Another great quick check before you consider hiring someone as your business coach is to see if they’re successful at what you want to do. If  your goal is to shift from 9-5 to self employed doing consulting services then check for someone whose been successful at that. 

If your goal is to double your traffic and grow your list, check if this person has done this. Ideally, they should have done it in a niche outside of their coaching business. Your big question should always be if they are only in the business of coaching, or if they are building their own successful online or brick and mortar businesses, thus proving that they know what they are talking about.

If your goal is traffic, find the right coach who’s great at getting tons of traffic from different sources. If your goal is getting systems in place to help you run your business more efficiently, look for someone who has successfully done that. Find a person with hands-on experience with what you want to do. That being said, don’t get hung up on a particular niche or topic. Getting traffic works if you’re working with parents of toddlers, real estate agents, or a business building membership site. Look for the strategies and techniques they are implementing, not the particular niches they’ve done it in.

Check If Your Values Align And Speak To Previous and Existing Coaching Clients

Last but not least, make sure your core values align. If it is important to you to build a loyal customer base who trusts your recommendations and knows you’re not exaggerating or misrepresenting offers, you don’t want a business coach who will suggest that your only concern is to make the sale, no matter what. 

If your goal is to get targeted traffic of people who align with your core values, you don’t want someone who teaches you to get big floods of untargeted traffic. There are lots of different ways to grow your business and while you want the right coach to push you and make you uncomfortable at times, you don’t want to be lead into a direction you don’t really want your business to take.

Read up on each potential coaching candidate. See what they do in their own business. Sign up for their lists, talk to some existing and previous clients. Ask for references. Go through the  testimonials both on their site and elsewhere. At the very least, do a quick google search and see what you find. Then evaluate if this is a person you want to consider working with or not.

The right coach is out there for you. It may just take a little digging and a little trial and error to find them. Good luck with your search and share your experience here in the comments.

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  1. Esme

    This post is so helpful – I had commented previously on a different post regarding questions I should ask to determine if a coach is a right fit for me and this answers those questions!
    I’m really very interested in learning more about how you could help me as a business owner. I’ve spoken with a few others who really didn’t impress me with their knowledge or desire to help me grow my business. I just signed up for a Simplicity Session – can’t wait to chat with you!

  2. Patricia

    If you want to hire a coach that’s right for you be ready to spend a bit of time. I had to go through 6 people before I find the right coach for my needs. I knew it would take time and I was willing to make that investment to find the best choice. My business has improved tenfold because I have a coach that has done what I’m trying to do. His help is invaluable.

    1. Thanks for sharing your coaching experience, Patricia! That’s the impact I want to have with all my clients who choose me as their thought partner.
      I wish you continued biz success:)

      Simply yours,
      Dr. Yam

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