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How To Use 3 Easy Tips to Find The Right Coach for Your Business


  1. Esme

    This post is so helpful – I had commented previously on a different post regarding questions I should ask to determine if a coach is a right fit for me and this answers those questions!
    I’m really very interested in learning more about how you could help me as a business owner. I’ve spoken with a few others who really didn’t impress me with their knowledge or desire to help me grow my business. I just signed up for a Simplicity Session – can’t wait to chat with you!

  2. Patricia

    If you want to hire a coach that’s right for you be ready to spend a bit of time. I had to go through 6 people before I find the right coach for my needs. I knew it would take time and I was willing to make that investment to find the best choice. My business has improved tenfold because I have a coach that has done what I’m trying to do. His help is invaluable.

    1. Thanks for sharing your coaching experience, Patricia! That’s the impact I want to have with all my clients who choose me as their thought partner.
      I wish you continued biz success:)

      Simply yours,
      Dr. Yam

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